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Vietuc Varea project

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    Since the beginning of the year until now, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City has been "standing" because of too many administrative procedures, real estate businesses have left Ho Chi Minh City to the neighboring provinces "to start a business". In particular, Long An is evaluated as a potential market when large enterprises flock to here to do "terrible" projects.
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    Massively sell the project
    Recently, Thinh Hung Holdings has launched the du an Vietuc Varea project with a scale of more than 20 hectares, including 1,200 products. Currently the project has been approved 1/500 and has a construction license. Meanwhile, the project has completed the basic infrastructure, is completing the final items, which is expected to issue the red book for customers in 3 months.

    “The project Vietuc Varea ben luc has invested in the construction of Long An's first outdoor music zone, a night market and a pedestrian street right inside the area. Large-scale internal facilities: Preschool, elementary school, central market, commercial center, multi-purpose sports area and park along the river. In particular, the project is in the heart of the largest urban areas in the region of big companies such as Vin Group, Thaco, Nam Long ... so it has attracted a lot of investors ", Mr. Huynh Minh Thang, General Director of Thinh Hung Holdings said.

    In Ben Luc, Vietuc Varea Long An rare project to launch the current market owns a prime location, the specific legal finishing is approved 1/500 in recent times. With the scale of 250 adjacent townhouse products designed and built according to Singapore standards, it will form a separate residential area within the overall satellite urban planning in the near future.

    A special feature of the project is the park along the river bank that the Investor pays special attention. With the purpose of building a modern, luxurious project but close to nature, the project is invested with many utilities including: 24/7 security, service-office, river park, amusement park for children, light plaza, sport and play area, riverside jogging track, outdoor BBQ, Club house, bridge, photoshooting, ... dat nen Vietuc Varea Choose The Pearl Riverside as you have chosen for your family A harmonious living space with nature is a relaxing place for every family after a hard working day, a place to nurture the natural love for children and also a place to converge a peaceful atmosphere for children. those who need space to enjoy old age.

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